Friday, June 20, 2008


For memory's sake, here's where I'll be posting random photos and videos about "Ako Si Kim Sam Soon" that doesn't fall on other categories.

PICTORIAL COMPARISSON - it's just so cute!

Here's a VIDEO COMPARISSON I made last May 2008 when the first taping day of ASKSS was shown in a showbiz-oriendted TV program.

Here are choice scenes from episode 2 with English subs

Here's a VTR from Showbiz Central (with English subs)

Here are some of the early screencaps I made, mostly comparing the different scenes from MNIKSS and ASKSS teasers:


Here's Regine as Anya Katindig in one of her old romantic-comedy flicks side by side with Sun Ah as Sam Soon. I made this when it was just announced that Regine will be Kim Sam Soon. I was trying to see if Regine can pull it off.

Regine and Sun Ah - random pictures

I think this is the first comparisson screencap I made. I was checking Sam Soon's hair (apparently the cutting-Samsoon's-hair scene was non-existent in ASKSS)

I was just having fun with the first teaser that came out

Then the second teaser

Behind the scene clips from a morning show


GMA Kamuning, EDSA Quezon City

June 28, 2008

GMA Kamuning, EDSA Quezon City
June 27, 2008

I can't believe I went to the "Palengke Tour"

Munoz Market (June 28, 2008)

Button Pin Souvenir

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