Monday, June 2, 2008

Blogging "Ako Si Kim Samsoon"

Through the days... weeks... and months of waiting, I should say that despite my earlier apprehensions, I became excited eventually. Thus I decided to blog my way through my "Ako Si Kim Samsoon" viewing experience.

I've been vocal that I love the original drama so much. So this blog might end up a comparisson of the original MNIKSS vs the adaptation ASKSS.

My reviews will be based on a point system. I will put (+) points for good areas, (-) points for unsatisfactory parts.

I can be as generous as giving away +1000 points and as brutal as deducting -1000 points. I can go up to million points if there's a need for it. I won't total the points at the end of the day (but if you are keen and curious you can add / subtract it yourself). I'll just use the point system as a basis for my level of satisfaction/unsatisfaction of certain areas of the series.

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