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EPISODE 6 July 07, 2008

"Ate... ate... umalis na tayo dito. Nagmumukha na tayong kawawa. Bumalik na tayo sa bahay natin. Ate ayoko na dito"
--- Eliza Buot

"Unnie*... unnie... let's go home. We look so pitiful here. Let's go back home. I don't want to stay here any longer."
(*Unnie is the Korean term used by girls to call their older sister / an older female)
--- Eliza Buot

As episode 6 opens, picking up from last week's cliffhanger when Cyrus asked Samsoon to be his girlfriend, I hear "Maybe It's You". Again? Seems like they don't have any other songs. I love "Maybe It's You" almost as much as "Inside My Heart" but I hope they will only use that song in appropriate scenes.
And then we are once again lured into Samsoon's imagination. She and Cyrus were strolling in a park and when they were about to kiss, he turned into a demon. I don't like the execution very much. It's very cartoonish / caricature-ish for me. It's not the same as the "suicide methods" dream sequence. -20 for the opening dream sequence

+300 for Bitoy's Funniest Video
But I suddenly burst out laughing when Samsoon assumes that they were in "Bitoy's Funniest Video - Yari Ka" (a local show which is a combination of America's Funniest Home Video and Candid Camera). Especially when she waves and smiles while holding a picture frame (that she thought was where the hidden camera was located). A nice replacement for the rice in Jin Hun's face.

Although I miss the its-difficult-to-cross-the-Pacific-Ocean-alone explanation of Sam Soon (and the Mijiwang / Lunatic Prince discussion I've mentioned in Episode 5), Samsoon was still able to explain well why she don't want to be Cyrus' pretend girlfriend. That's good enough for me.

-400 Samsoon is still not over Harvey?
I almost fell off my seat when Samsoon said, "Di bale sana kung siya si Harvey" (It would have been better if he is Harvey.) while she was walking and thinking about the childish proposal of Cyrus to her. So our heroine is not yet over with that jerk? Well, this is the result of having a short-lived romance with Harvey. Although in both MNIKSS and ASKSS, Harvey/Hyun Woo is the first boyfriend of Sam Soon, in MNIKSS Sam Soon and Hyun Woo's romance lasted for three years. So over the years Sam Soon was able to realize Hyun Woo's real personality. She matured and her view towards love changed.

However there was a leap of time in MNIKSS. It was Christmas eve when Hyun Woo dumped Sam Soon, and it was Springtime when we see Sam Soon again as she starts looking for a job (probably around late February to early March). In ASKSS we are watching Samsoon in realtime. After Harvey dumped her, they immediately went back home to witness their family bakery burning into ashes which prompted her to look for a job the soonest possible time. In MNIKSS, it was mentioned once by Bong Sook (Sam Soon's mother) that Sam Soon was crying non-stop last Christmas. ASKSS might be showing us this part in Samsoon's life. But still, opting to show this side of Samsoon gave the audience solid hints of her weakness (and foolishness).

Or... they may be interpreting the scene when Sam Soon cried in the bus after talking to Harvey.
I didn't realized this until I moved the episodes forward. I thought that the entire sequence of Samsoon trying to follow the existing-only-in-her-imagination Harvey along the night streets is an independent sequence of ASKSS and non-existent in MNIKSS. But it was prior to the scene when Eliza was waiting for her at home.

-200 crying over Harvey vs crying over the empty promises of love
ASKSS jumped a bit. In MNIKSS Sam Soon and Hyun Woo crossed paths unexpectedly in Bon Appetit. They pretended they don't know each other (well it was Hyun Woo who acted as if he don't know Sam Soon and Sam Soon just acted along with it). Hyun Woo, later on, called Sam Soon and asked her out so they can talk. He thank her for pretending not to know him (in front of his fiance Chae Ri). They had a very good conversation and I'm hoping that it will still be present in ASKSS in the upcoming episodes.

On her way home, Sam Soon cried in the bus. She cried over Hyun Woo's empty promises. Hated herself for believing those promises. And hated herself more for crying over those things just like what she was doing at that moment.

Our pathetic Samsoon was crying over Haaarrvveeeyyyy, while her stronger counterpart was deeply crying for lost promises that unfortunately she believed when she was still young and intoxicated with the feeling of being in love.

Again, I'm not saying they should do the same thing and say the same dialogues. But the few seconds Samsoon spent crying out for Harvey while sitting in the park could have been used to just quickly tell herself that she should not be behaving like that anymore. At least it could give the viewers a clue, that although she might not be over Harvey yet at that moment, she is smart enough to know that she should move on and not cry over a worthless bastard.

+100 for the homage of driver's quarrel
I simply laughed when Samsoon was having an argument with the taxi driver because at that time I haven't realized yet on what scene from MNIKSS it came from because it was not obvious. But when I found the bus scene, I remembered that Sam Soon had an little argument with the bus driver as well. Both scenes were funny in their own way.

+500 for the pitiful and funny Buot family
In MNIKSS they didn't reach the point that they have to move out of their home. Sam Soon was able to patch it up right on time, so the Kim family wasn't given much "moments".
I like the time given by ASKSS to the Buot family and let us witness their emotions and the problems they are facing. It gives a more solid foundation for Samsoon's decision later on.

A big part of the points was actually for the entire Buot family thinking hard where to spend the night while carrying their things (and the how-can-i-not-notice-the-oh-so-precious rice cooker!) in the middle of the streets. I don't know whether I'll cry because of their misfortune or I'll laugh with their antics. And tell me about migrating!

+500 for the Samsoon-Eliza sister tandem

I'm really loving their sister-tandem. I like their short bickering moment while they were on the streets. The way they talk to each other feels like they were really sisters in real-life. It's something that I love with Sam Soon and Yi Young. I'm glad they were able to achieve that in ASKSS even if Eliza is the younger sister. I hope this will continue.

+5000 for Jennica
Although the ending may be a bit overly dramatic and bit cliche that I almost felt like I was watching an afternoon soap opera, I can't help but feel for the Buots. And as soon as Eliza started her dialogue I broke into tears. Just right after she bickered with her sister in an earlier scene, she transformed into a scared loving-little-sister to Samsoon. And she ended the episode with flying colors.

RATINGS: 25.7% vs My Girl 23.4%
(ratings courtesy of: aria_Productions of RVMM)

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